Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb: Love Of The Month, UDPP

Hello girls!

I am so, so, so excited. I finally got my hands on the product that has been causing me sleepless nights just by thinking how it would work on me. I now officially own a tube of Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP). Yay!!!

Some of you maybe wondering why I am this excited over having my very own tube of UDPP. Please understand my predicament, girls. They don't have this line in Malaysia and it does not help much that I have never shopped online before (I know, I am so 2009).

I have read like a million and one reviews about the bottle of wonder and my heart ached every single time I read these reviews.

So, after months of forlornly browsing through reviews online, to my greatest delight, I found a Malaysian website that sells UDPP. (

So, I pounced on the opportunity at once and bought myself a UDPP. When my parcel containing UDPP arrived in my office, I was as excited as a child opening her present on Christmas moning.

First thing next morning, I experimented with it.

I put a dot of the product on and under each eye and blended it in with my fingers.It blended well and created an invisible, matte surface on my usually oily lids. I then layered on a shiny gold shadow and lined my eyes with a gel eyeliner. I did this at precisely 9.20am before going to work.

As I got busy with my work, I completely forgot about my makeup. I definitely did not have the time to check whether it ran, sat still or decided to turn shiny.

Only when I reached home after work at about 12 midnight , did I glanced myself in the mirror and holy cow! I was completely taken aback by the sight that met my eyes. Eventhough I know that many people who reviewed the product said that it is long lasting, I definitely did not expect it to last that long (almost 14 hours, wow!).

There was not a single crease in sight and my eyeshadow looked like I just applied it freshly. The best thing is, the gel eyeliner was not even slightly smudged. I was absolutely impressed because usually by midnight, the shadow on my lids would have been creased to death and the eyeliner smudges would have made me look like a raccoon.

Although this is my first ever eyeshadow primer, I just must say that I adore it! Girls, get your hands on this and your makeup will never run again! (Especially in our hot Malaysian weather).