Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mar: Love of the month, MAC's mineralize blusher in Love Thing

Hello girls!
Hope all of you are in the pink of health.

If you are not, what better way to fake a healthy glow than sporting pink or reddish cheeks?

Speaking of which, I would like to introduce my love of the month for the March: MAC's mineralize blush called Love Thing.

Love Thing is one of MAC's mineralize blushes released in July 2008 alongside their Sonic Chic collection. On the MAC website, the blush is described as being "dirty burgundy with gold pearl".

In the pan it looked like a deep raspberry shade (pretty scary, really!) and I was afraid that it would be too bright on me.

This was how scary it looked it the pan!

Nevertheless, when I swatched it on my hand once, the colour was 'just right' without being overly bright.

So, I thought this blush will be a good buy and bought it straight away.

The picture above shows swatches of Love Thing. The right one was swatched only once while the left one was swatched twice over the same spot. Notice how bright it becomes with more product you pile on?

I must warn you girls that this blusher is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

If you want just a slight flush on your cheeks, apply this with a light hand (fair skinned girls should do this but girls with darker tones could be a little liberal with this blush but not overly so if you don't want to end up looking like a clown).

I like to apply two slight coats of this with a blusher brush or a kabuki. If I want just a hint of colour on my cheeks, I put on one only a coat or smudge a little of this on my cheeks with my fingers.

When I first applied it on my cheeks, I noticed that it has quite a bit of giltter on it that I somehow missed when I swatched it at the store.

Here's a close up of  MAC's Love Thing blusher.

I don't know if you girls can see the sprinkle of glitter in this blusher. Look closely though and you might catch a glimpse of the gold glitter in it.

Although the glitter adds to the glow, I would highly recommend this to be used at night.
Since this is my very first MAC blusher, I could not really compare it to their other blushers (sorry girls!).

However, when I was browsing through MAC's miniralize blusher collection at their store in Mid Valley Megamall, I was torn between Love Thing and Gleeful. Gleeful looked pretty as well.

In the end I had to ask the sales assistant for help and she said Love Thing would suit me better.
So, I purchased it for RM95.

Since gleeful was too pretty to be just dismissed like that, I added it to my (ever growing) wish list.

Frankly, I was never into blushers before but after wearing this particular blusher, I started receiving many compliments on it. Friends and acquaintances have asked me 'what is that thing you are wearing on your cheeks? It is so pretty!'.

But I have to admit that this is definitely not a blusher that I would wear everyday as it is too bright for my liking.

Here's a picture of me wearing two coats of Love Thing. (Sorry for the sweaty, shiny face. My room was freaking hot and stuffy when I took this picture).

Thus, without even realizing it, I started to really obsess over blushes. I started paying attention to what blushers people wear and did quite an impressive (if I say so myself) amount of reading on different types of blushers.

I would also like to say a special thanks to Yinka, the author of the beauty blog Vex In the City ( for indirectly cultivating such a love for blushers in me (even though she does not know this). I have been religiously reading her entries on blushers and just love how she gives an honest opinion about those that she has tried on.

Anyway, I think my blush collection will be growing profoundly after this..hehe!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A stressful week, a mini me time...

Hello girls,

Last week proved to be a really taxing week for me. I work in a local newspaper as a journalist and I have been juggling court reporting and taking in complaints from the public.

So, over the weekend, I headed out to have some me time and ended up catching a movie alone.

Not only that, I bought a few things to cheer myself up and face the week ahead with a more calm mind.

So, check out the stuff that I bought, girls!

This cute bag with the polka dot ribbon caught my eye when I spotted it in a kiosk in KL Sentral, so I bought it for a bargain price of RM35. It is made out of a durable material (it has an almost sack-like material) so, I hope it will stay with me for a long time. I don't like the cat's picture on the bag though (What? I don't like cats, ok?)

I also bought this three bottles of nail polishes for RM10. I know, that's such a bargain! The colours that I chose were a pretty green, a nude beige and a black. I am not too brand-conscious when it comes to nail polishes as long as I like the colour that I see. So, in this case, I know that I was lucky to have found colours that I like for a fraction of a cost.

I liked the green nail polish so much that I put them on my nails first thing when I went home. This is how the colour looked like on my nails.

And this is how the nude beige colour looked like on my nails.

Lastly, I bought these fake eyelashes just for fun. It only cost me RM5.

So, what do you girls think?