Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Solange Knowles, the new face of Rimmel London

It is exciting that cosmetic brand Rimmel London has introduced Beyonce Knowles' sister, Solange Knowles, as its latest spokesperson.

I am an ardent fan of the gorgeous Beyonce (in fact, I am wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with Beyonce's picture right now) and as such, it should not come as a surprise that anything related to her gets me madly excited. Yes, even her sister! LOL!

By the way, I think it is good news that Rimmel London's new face is Solange as it shows that the brand caters for both fair skinned and dark skinned girls.

Malaysians, especially those with tanned skin, now has a new icon that they can look up to in terms of products.

Solange looks simply stunning in the pictures, don't you girls think? (Pics taken from Rimmel London's website)

In the interview with Rimmel London, Solange said that she thinks her number one beauty tip is to be healthy, be happy, be beautiful and be whole-heartedly you. I absolutely agree with her.
Here is the link for the rest of the interview that she did with Rimmel London (

By the way, question time. Who do you girls think has a better sense of style? Beyonce or Solange?


  1. I think that Solange has better sense of style because she now rocks her natural look! I love Beyonce too, no doubt, but no one knows what her REAL hair looks like! And even though the long crinkly weave looks great on her, I feel as though she uses that to ADD to her style. Solange has an itty bitty fro and still looks great! :) [[then again, it's not all about hair either]], but that's my 2 cents!

    Nice blog!


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