Thursday, May 5, 2011

My first trip to Sephora Malaysia

Last weekend (the first weekend after Sephora opened its doors in Malaysia), I jumped into a train with my sister and headed to Sephora in Starhill Gallery.

I was almost trembling with excitement when I reached Sephora.

Since the moment I entered Sephora, I felt like Becky Bloomwood (from Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series) when she enters a shopping complex and gets all flushed and flustered over the magnificent bargains.

When I spotted all the lovely makeup brands in the store, my heart beat faster, my breath came in short gasps, I felt a little dizzy (from the excitement, I guess), my eyes bulged out involuntarily and I was in a complete daze.

My sister asked me a couple of times whether I am alright and I could not even reply her because I was speechless.

I devoured in all the makeup, skincare and nail polishes with my eyes and silently vowed to own them all.

So, with the same excitement and frenzy, I leave the rest of the talking to be done by the pictures that I snapped in Sephora. After all, a picture speaks a million words.

And yes ladies...I was there from morning till night! :) Till next time then, girls!